Connecting error

Thursday 21 March, 8pm New York time

Manhattan signage

Yippie! This travel malarky has no end. I landed in New York around 6pm and, obviously, had missed my original connecting flight, only to find out there were no more flights to Seattle and I had to wait till around 8 the next morning. So I took the train to Jamaica Road station and I’m currently waiting for a reply to tell me where to get my sorry – hold on, no! – excited bum to. Because on the train I remembered that my lovely and dear friend Sarah is in New York on business at the moment and we’re gonna meet up. Yes! This is all meant to be!

Queens signage

By the way, so far New York reminds me very much of London and I’m not fazed by it at all. Buying a ticket was easy and it looks like getting into Manhattan is straightforward too. Let’s see what the night brings. How fucking AWESOME is all this, huh?

New York subway

And yeah, I’m gonna land in Seattle at 11am, so if I get to sleep on the flight I’ll also be kicking jetlag’s bum big time 😉


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