Early morning glory

Friday 22 March, 6am New York time

Flight from New York to Seattle
C’mon, flight, you gotta be mine!

Another quick check-in. I managed to get a couple of hours’ restless and uncomfortable sleep on the floor of terminal 3 in JFK airport – and may I just say, this made me think of the old days when sleeping on floors was a frequent occurrence. I might feel knackered but this whole thing makes me feel at least 15 years younger 🙂

Right now I’m at gate 14, waiting for the Seattle flight to open, so I can find out if I’m on it. I won’t lie; I am a little bit worried, simply because I don’t know when the next flight would be and how many there are during the day. But I still have big faith that I will be at the gig tonight. If not you might just finally see me crack!

Flight from New York to Seattle
Still teasing

And then that luggage situation. I had completely forgotten about that over the fun of my mini-break in New York. Yes, I got to JFK and there was no luggage. I’m being told I’ll have to get to Seattle to record it missing. I guess it just didn’t make it onto the NYC flight from London because it was so last minute for me to get on that plane. Maybe it came over with the next flight and it’ll be there when I finally get to Grungetown. Who knows. But something tells me they’re not that clued up, so I’ll probably be spending the next few days in my travel clothes. Thankfully Greg’s got a washer and dryer, so I might just have time to wash my clothes before I go to the gig tonight. It’s just another fingers crossed situation 🙂

Oh man, and the first thing I see on telly is a story about another shooting… :/


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