Let others worry

Thursday 21 March, 11.15am London time

No panic

Soooooo … I have felt pangs of slight worry but, hey, I’m on holiday! I’m not gonna panic.

Apart from that, Vicky is worrying for two – poor girl! I got a theory there’s some kind of spiritual connection going on that makes her experience all the worry that I should feel, and I’m standing here, back at a charger station, gate in clear view and typing away happily.

Turns out, if I get on this flight there’s probably no connecting Delta flight in Minneapolis, which means I’ll have to buy a flight to Seattle. Having checked the prices, that would be another 400 quid. Hm. Not cheap but also not something like 2,000 quid, so at the moment I’m inclined to get on that flight if I can and splash out the cash on the other side. You only live once and I’ve spent money on more worthless causes (hint, hint, ex-dependant, yes, I’m still waiting for that cash back). But then, I might not get on the flight and save that money. Lose-win 🙂

There’s another flight later to Atlanta and another one to New York. I’m being told they are completely booked but you never know what happens with people not showing up. If everything goes pear-shaped I’ll get a really early flight tomorrow morning and still make it in time for the Before Cars gig. Fingers crossed!

I must say there’s worst places to spend a day at. I got internet, can change my mobile and watch telly. There’s coffee and any kind of food. I’ll be comfortable here 🙂

That’s all for now. Let’s see how this one goes…


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