New York, New York

Friday 22 March, 1.30am New York time

A cool building in New York

I’m back at the airport after an exciting and seemingly surreal evening in New York. I still can’t quite believe I got to see NYC! So this whole not-getting-on-the-flight business was all for one reason: making a stop in the Big Apple. Well, I made the most of it.

I took the subway to Manhattan, which made me miss the Tube a bit. The London Underground map is definitely far more superior than what they came up with over here. I tried to figure out the stops on the R trains from Queens Plaza to 28th Street and, to say the least, it took a while. Fortunately, Sarah had sent proper instructions or I would have been a German girl lost in New York.

Sarah and I in New York, pointing at a yellow cab
Us girls super excited about a yellow cab

I met up with Sarah in a trendy bar, which had Sex and the City written all over it. We didn’t stay for long. After a short trip to Sarah’s hotel (the Hilton – only the best for the princess!), we walked quite a few blocks and climbed into the lift of the Empire State Building. What a view! I guess I’m stating the obvious, but New York at night is beautiful! We stayed as long as the icy winds allowed and walked back, making a quick stop to stick our noses into Grand Central Station and eating a proper New York hotdog, before I left Sarah to her cosy bed and caught a yellow cab back to the airport.

Me outside Grand Central Station in New York
Outside Grand Central Station
Me inside Grand Central Station in New York
Inside Grand Central Station
Me on the Empire State Building in New York
Bit windy up on the Empire State Building … but beautiful!

I’ve been up for 24 hours now and I can feel it. It’s just coming up to 10pm in Seattle, so I reckon it’s okay now to get a bit of sleep before the gates open. So, night night for now. Let’s see if I can make it to Seattle before Chad and the other peeps go on stage.

Oh, and did I mention they lost my luggage?


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