Not much off to a flying start

Thursday 21 March, 10am London time

Me on the London Tube travelling to the airport

Well … that didn’t go off to a flying start – literally!

I’m flying stand-by with Delta (thanks to my lovely friend Vicky who got me in touch with her lovely friend Erwin whose buddy pass I’m using). Anyway, flying stand-by means you simply show up for a flight and hope they’re gonna have a spare seat for you – which in normal circumstances works out fine… Only this time it didn’t. It’s close to Easter, so more people fly home, and that means bad luck for stand-byer Marie and two other unlucky girls. One got on, though, so there were some good news.

Anyway, it wouldn’t be fun if everything went smoothly! I need excitement, I want adventure!!! 🙂 And I got high hopes that I will get on the next flight to Minneapolis which leaves in a couple of hours. I have no clue how I will get to Seattle from there but something will come up, I’m sure of it. Positive thinking!!! Vicky’s on the other side of Facebook keeping me updated on spare seats and how things develop, so for now I’ve found myself a charger station for my phone and prepare for the next round of hectic texting. There are another couple of flights later if Minneapolis doesn’t work out – no panicking in the Independent State of Marie yet. Let’s see how that develops 😉

Anyway, I still got some time to get my arse over to Seattle. My first gig is tomorrow evening. Before Cars!!! Yes! People who know me well might have an inkling of what that means and why I can’t be late! There’s still the back-up gig on Saturday but I don’t wanna miss their album release party, not only because of the band but I got a slight feeling I might bump into a few (so far only) Facebook buddies who I’d love to turn into real friends.

So, that’s it for now. Quick check on what the departures table says… Gate’s still closed, so I’ll be chilling for a bit with a coffee and get ready for the next stage of nervous excitement! Vicky, ready, steady…


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