Good morning, America!

Saturday 23 March 2013, noon

So, after 53 hours of no sleep (well, those crappy two hours I tossed and turned on the plane don’t really count), I’ve dropped dead and nine hours later I feel like a new person. Good times โ€“ let the fun commence!

I’m currently sitting in front of lovely Dan’s teenage boy Will’s computer (how’s that for a complicated sentence structure?) and I’m trying to sum up last night in my head. There’s just one word for it: AWESOME! Yes, I’m turning into an American already! ๐Ÿ™‚

Me at SeaTac picking up my lost suitcase
Phew! Got my suitcase back!

So, Greg and me went back to the airport where I got to hug and kiss my lost luggage and, after a long journey on the light rail (why is that not going through the whole city?), a bus ride to Ballard and another bus ride back into Belltown, I finally made it to the gig venue, Rendevouz โ€“ a cosy, pub-like bar where they played poppy punk tunes (always a bonus) and the drinks were cheap (5 bucks for a vodka & coke and a pint? Hell, yes!).

Chad, Andy, Paul, Justine and Dan actually bumped into me outside the venue and it still strikes me as surreal to have seen them all in 3D. What a great bunch of people!!! I think it’s safe to say we all hit it off directly. Even through my beyond-tired, run-down state, I spent the rest of the night in absolute awe over having finally met them. Oh, and Derek and Brian should get a mention, too. So do Justine’s lovely parents and all the other people I got to talk to throughout the evening. May I just say, I love Americans!!! They are all so welcoming and warm! I feel like I’m the luckiest fan girl/tourist in the world ๐Ÿ™‚

The gig was a dream. It turned out, the backroom of the place was something like a small theatre and, although the crowd was a bit on the quiet side, I enjoyed every minute of finally listening to Derek’s, Before Cars’ and Lights from Space’s live songs. Now, I’m not very good in reviewing gigs, so this won’t be a list of what songs they played and how they performed. Let’s just say, every note hit the right spot in my body. It felt intimate and special to watch them all and sing along to the tunes I’d fallen in love with since I first discovered them. And may I just say, that Derek Burns is not just a great singer and songwriter โ€“ he’s also very easy on the eye โ€“ check him out, ladies ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha

I didn’t get to take any pictures, simply because I wanted to take it all in and just enjoy the music but tonight I will make up for that … fucking hell, thinking back, there are so many emotions and I just can’t put them down in writing. But I hope I’ll remember them for a long time.

Anyway, after the gig we all caught the ferry to Bainbridge Island together (again, surreal, I’d heard that place and the ferry mentioned so many times before and now I was on it!) and had a good laugh talking about the Berlin Wall coming down and other things I simply can’t recall right now, before Dan gave me a ride back to his place, where I literally dropped into bed like a corpse. What a day!

Bainbridge ferry
My favourite ferry in the world!

Tonight we’re all going to Port Townsend for the next Before Cars show and I’m sure the fun will continue. For now I’m gonna get out of here. The sun is shining (I kid you not โ€“ blue sky since yesterday!) and I can hear some pizza calling.

Reading this back, it does not do my experiences and emotions any justice. I could probably already write a book but it will have to do for now. Gonna try to write again tomorrow but for now I’ll just get on with collecting all those valuable memories. This is really the trip of a lifetime!

PS: One thing I need to mention before I forget is the title of Seattle’s ticket collectors on the trains: fare enforcement. That made me giggle! And they look like a cross between police men and superheroes. Excellent!


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