Needle spacing…

Monday 25 March, 11.30am

I’m on top of the Space Needle! I’m nearly pissing myself with excitement!!! There were actually a couple of tears when I walked around the platform for the first time. Now I’m sitting here, watching the Bainbridge ferry go past, listening to Before Cars’ ‘Trip to Mars’. This trip couldn’t be any more trippy!!!

So, this morning I woke up at 4.30. I guess I’m still a bit jet-lagged but it’s all the excitement that won’t let my brain shut down for long. Last night we all hung out in Tony’s hand-built bar (there is really no end to his talents). There was plenty of tasty alcohol to sample but I really had to take it easy. Chad was the DJ for the evening… and it appears, he’s not only a great all-round musician with an applaudable taste in music, he’s also up there with the best air guitarists of the world! 🙂

What can I say? Great atmosphere, great people. Hanging out with the band and their friends is just so mind-blowing. Seeing all these places on the islands even more so. Every second brings a new impression and I’m actually struggling to work through all of it. I’ll be mentally exhausted by the time I get back to London.


In the Goat
Great beer, great conversations

Anyway, last night I stayed in Tony’s cute (and massive) guesthouse in the woods (and I’m talking proper fairy tale woods) and we caught the Bainbridge ferry back to Seattle this morning where we had bloody amazing coffee at Bottega Italiana (I guess this coffee drinking business doesn’t help my restlessness either) and then he sent me on my way to take the Monorail to the Seattle Center. And now I’m sitting here. Blue sky, the sun is beaming and the view couldn’t be better. Those mountains on the horizon make my mind bleed.

At the Bainbridge ferry

On the Bainbridge ferry

View from the Bainbridge ferry

Seattle coffee

Pike Place Market
The early bird catches the early ferry and the best coffee

Talking about the weather, I’m coming to the conclusion that this whole ‘it’s always raining in Seattle’ story is a myth. This is my fourth day here and I haven’t seen a single raindrop. Actually, I have to take my coat off right now. It’s hot like hell up here.

Okay, I think I’m gonna go for another walk around the Space Needle and then find myself a quiet space where I can regroup and plan the days ahead. I’m gonna be at PAUNDY‘s band practice tonight, so that’s gonna be some proper excitement again. I really can’t believe this is all happening!

Space Needle

Space Needle

Space Needle
My lovely ❤

View over Seattle from the Space Needle

View over Seattle from the Space Needle

View over Seattle from the Space Needle
Breathtaking views!

View over Seattle from the Space Needle

View over Seattle from the Space Needle
Even Mount Rainier is peeping through

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  1. Kiliam Lord says:

    awesome, glad they’ve got you entertained 🙂

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