This is why music is my boyfriend

Sunday 24 March, 11.30pm

Bloody hell! What a great couple of days!!! My brain has come to a point where it rejects any more excitement, so I probably won’t even come close to remembering everything that has happened. But let’s try…

So, Dan and I made our way to Port Townsend in the afternoon yesterday, stopping by the grave of the native American name giver of Seattle, Chief Sealth. No, hold on, first we had proper American pizza โ€“ Jen, if you’re reading this, yep, you were right, so much better than English American pizza ๐Ÿ˜‰




These Peninsula islands are absolutely stunning. The nature is amazing. There is so much forest and it feels much more Scandinavian than anything else. There’s water around them, of course, and wherever I turn, I spot big mountains on the horizon (though they usually seem to conjure up a discussion between the locals about which mountain is which).

Port Townsend

Port Townsend

In Port Townsend, Dan and I checked into the Waterstreet Hotel and, after a short stroll down the main high street, met up with the others at the gig venue, Sirens. I don’t know what it is but lots of these places look oh so British. There were still hours to go till the beginning of the gig, so we took it slow, ate (hmmmm … yummy salmon sandwich), chatted and just hung out for a while till Derek and Before Cars could set up. Jesse and his band mates from the Smile Brigade arrived, and one by one most of my Facebook buddies showed their faces. It was so great to meet them all and finally share a hug, some drinks and much laughter.

Sirens pub in Port Townsend

With hindsight, I must have hit the vodka a bit too hard (again, Jen, thanks for the tip on watching out for those generous measures โ€“ after a couple, the warning was lost on me). I was quite tipsy when Derek came on stage and did his great set again. By the time Before Cars started playing, my fate for that evening was sealed. What an amazing gig! Many of their friends had come along and the atmosphere was amazing. I actually got to dance โ€“ I loved every second of it.

Derek Burns

Before Cars

Before Cars

Afterwards I got to meet Chad’s parents โ€“ what a sweet couple! You can tell where he’s got his loveliness from. And random people came up to me saying, ‘You must be Marie!’ โ€“ turns out I’d become a bit of a celebrity in their circle. Very strange. But there you have it; my 15 minutes of fame were localised to Port Townsend and neighbouring villages ๐Ÿ˜‰

Later, Jesse’s band played and they were great! Completely different than their album and still rocking. They did a lot of great covers but my highlight of the set was ‘About a girl’, which made me grab Chad and demand a dance (haha, poor guy, probably didn’t know what hit him).

The rest of the evening was filled by more chatting, partying and just having a good laugh with the lot. We ended up in the hotel and stayed up till about 4.30am โ€“ not bad for a bunch of middle aged rockers ๐Ÿ˜‰ hee hee

Chad and me

Derek Burns and Before Cars

The next morning, we had yummy breakfast in a cute place down the Marina. I swear eggs and bacon have never tasted that good! Afterwards I had the pleasure to watch Before Cars play tennis, while Dan, Bryan and me just lazed around and nursed our hangovers. Exercise on the day after โ€“ fuck that!

Before Cars playing tennis

Before Cars playing tennis

Eventually, Dan and I made our way to Tony’s house somewhere deep in the woods (Indianola or other? My short term memory is really struggling at the moment) but not before we took a stroll at Fort Flagler, an old army base in the countryside. We talked our heads off. He’s such a great guy!!!

Fort Flagler in Kitsap

Fort Flagler in Kitsap

Fort Flagler in Kitsap

So, and now I’m here, trying to get some rest before we all meet up again for more stories and laughs. I keep wanting to pinch myself. This has all worked out exactly how I had imagined it. Even better because the people I met couldn’t be any more lovely.


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