And the first part is done

Monday 25 March, just before midnight

Just a few lines before I go to sleep. My time with Before Cars and PAUNDY is coming to an end but what a few crazy days it has been! I made a bunch of lovely new friends over here on the peninsula islands and I’m sure I’ll be back. Saving up for next year will start as soon as I touch down in London but let’s not think about that just yet.

Bainbridge island
Bye bye, Bainbridge. Will miss you!

Tonight I spent at PAUNDY’s band practice which was a lot of fun. I love those tunes and seeing them played with such talent and ease was a real treat. They even played Before Cars’ ‘Hey’ – my favourite – and I dared to play along on Chad’s bass to ‘Oranges ‘n’ Eggies’ – needless to say, very badly. Not my finest hour but it was definitely fun. That bass is so much easier to play than my Nell… hmmm … no, can’t get an expensive bass; must save up for my next trip to Seattle.




Before Cars and PAUNDY
Seriously funny people!

I’m quite sad to leave them all behind but at least Chad and Dan will be at the Malfunkshun gig and hopefully others will join them. Fingers crossed. In case it wasn’t quite obvious yet, I have absolutely fallen in love with the people and the countryside on these islands. Everybody and everything is so lovely! I have an inkling that I’ve found my next dream to chase.

So, tomorrow morning I will go back to Ballard, probably catching a few more hours of sleep before I’m gonna go on exploring Seattle. Not sure what I’ll do yet; I’m gonna make it dependent on the weather. For now it’s bedtime. Night night!


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