Tourist bounty hunt

Tuesday 26 March, 6pm

So, this morning I took the Bainbridge ferry (and I’m not getting tired of saying that name) back to Seattle and the D RapidRide to Ballard where I got to wash my clothes and had another little nap. I really needed some rest after all the excitement of the last days and I still feel like I need to recharge my batteries a bit more. Man, I miss the ‘Bainbridge lot’ already! What a few days with a great crowd can do your emotional being!

Around midday I decided to take the bus back into town and nearly lost my Orca card (that’s the same concept as London’s Oyster card – only there’s barely any public transport you can use it on). Well, I did lose it but I found it again when I retraced my steps. Phew! Lucky idiot that I am!

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market shops

Halibut at Pike Place Market

Yummy curry from Pike Place Market
Yummy curry and other gems around Pike Place Market

Today turned out to be the day of tourist merchandise hunting. My bounty was a Seattle hoodie (purple, yay!), two girlie shirts and a really cool mug from Starbucks (yeah, I know, but it had to be done) – all on the cheap! Then I spent far too long sipping a hazelnut frappucino in Starbucks, trying to upload my photos to Facebook. Turns out that’s a real bastard from the iPad, so for now there’s only lots of random photos I took with my iPhone. Sorting that out will be a mammoth task when I get back but, hey ho, it also gotta be done.

Candy apples in Seattle

Blue trees at the Westlake Center
Candy apples and blue trees near the Westlake Center

The weather is still fantastic. I didn’t even need a jacket for most of the day. Tomorrow I’ll be off to Olympia to meet Ben, who’s gonna whisk me off to Montesano and Aberdeen for some Nirvana fan photos 😉 haha


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