Aberdeen is getting under my skin

Thursday 28 March 11am, Montesano

I’ve gone back to drinking English tea with milk. The coffee is just too strong for me over here. It’s a heart attack in a mug. Who needs drugs when you got that kind of coffee?

That’s just a side note, the more important thing today is my trip to Aberdeen. I’m booked in for a tattoo that spells ‘Seattle’ – I’m already looking forward to telling the story of my Seattle tattoo that I got in Aberdeen 😉

Ben actually made me look up Kurt’s houses over there, so we wouldn’t repeat taking photos in front of the wrong building, like we did yesterday in Olympia. Haha! And I call myself a fan! It’s weird, now that I’m here, those things are not really on my radar. I much more like hearing the stories people have to tell.

Capitol Theater in Olympia

Capitol Theater in Olympia

Record store in Olympia

Record store in Olympia
Around Olympia
Not Cobain's house in Olympia
Nope. That’s not Cobain’s house in Olympia, you dummy. It’s next door.

Okay, I’m off for now. The weather is finally how it’s supposed to be – perfect rain for Cobain country.


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