Friday night rocks!

Saturday 30 March, 2.30am

Just a quickie, because I’m very tired. We just came back from a really cool show at Skylark in West Seattle. The main band, The Gallow Swings blew me away! The drummer was insane! Just looking at him hurt my brain. Shame there weren’t many people there to see the show, but that’s what it used to be like even for the big Seattle bands, before it all went crazy over here, so I got a good taste of what it could have been like if I’d been born just a bit earlier on the right side of the Iron Curtain.

The Gallow Swings
The Gallow Swings hard and loud

We managed to get the last D RapidRide back to Ballard – thanks to Greg’s ingenious planning. I reckon that’s the one thing that would really get on my nerves, living here and going to gigs: barely any public transport at night. Which calls for a car, which calls for staying sober, which sucks. Nah, I will never complain about Transport for London ever again.

With these thoughts I’m off to bed. I got a long and exciting day tomorrow: I’m gonna see the Nirvana exhibition at the EMP with a special friend and the evening will give me some Mudhoney! I can’t wait!!!


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