What took you so long?

Sunday 31 March, 11.30pm

Today was a real nice sightseeing day. The weather was perfect. My skin feels like I got myself a hint of a tan. So, yes, I am now convinced that bad weather propaganda is handed out by Seattleites to keep tourists out of town. Outrageous!

Greg took me on a Singles tour through town. We went by foot and bus, so I got to see several neighbourhoods (and fell slightly in love with Montlake). I don’t wanna bore with the details but I got to see all the good Singles locations: the cafe of Linda’s and Steve’s lunch date, the bench with the bronze man, Occidental Park, where Steve proposes over the historic chilli dog, Linda’s duplex, THE HOUSE (unfortunately Cliff had moved out) and, finally, Gasworks Park. Throw in the Moore Theatre, the OK Hotel, the troll under Fremont Bridge and some yummy Thai food and the day was complete.

Singles movie locations
Linda’s duplex – ‘No dorm, no roommates, my own place.’
Singles movie locations
View from Linda’s duplex
Singles movie locations
Virginia Inn – ‘There’s just no privacy anymore.’
Singles movie locations
The bench – ‘Should I trust him?’
The OK Hotel –  '...'
OK Hotel – ‘I don’t want drama. I don’t want excitement.’
Occidental Park in Seattle
Occidental Park – ‘Make that a historic chilli dog!’
Singles movie locations
Gasworks Park – ‘I think I can love you and still be logical.’
Singles movie locations
THE HOUSE – ‘What took you so long?’

And at this point I’ll have to give a big shout-out to Greg who is the best Seattle host I could have wished for. I’d never would have seen all the stuff he showed me if I’d gone on that tour by myself. Apart from that, I sleep in his comfy bed (while he’s moved onto the sofa), get yummy breakfast fry-ups, an Orca card (that I shamefully lost 😦 ) and lots of interesting and funny conversation. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I think I might keep you as my friend 😉

The Moore Theater in Seattle
Did anyone say Lamefest?
The Central in Seattle
The Central – epic music venue
The Fremont Troll in Seattle
The Fremont Troll under the bridge
Lenin statue in Seattle
Red front!
Fremont sign
In case you get lost in Fremont

Looks like tomorrow I’ll be back on that Bainbridge ferry and I’ll get to see Paul’s and Justine’s cute kitten. Always a bonus for the cat person in me!


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