Island of friends

Tuesday 2 April 2013, 2pm

The Bainbridge ferry again. It’s always been a bit of a mysterious name to me, having read about the musicians who were living on ‘the other side’ of Seattle, like Chad, the Wood brothers, Ben Shepherd … I had imagined this sub-culture of Grunge musicians playing in bands on the island while the big scene was happening in the big city, some of them sometimes crossing the Puget Sound to join bands over there. And it appears that’s more or less how it was, and how my holiday turned out to be. I’m experiencing two trips in one (three, really, if I also count my journey to Montesano): on one side is Seattle with all its sights and clubs, cool (and lovely) people, Mudhoney and (in a few days) Malfunkshun, and on the other side are those islands with their trees and little villages, lovely (and cool) people, Before Cars and PAUNDY and all those stories that happened in both places. And I’m in between, jumping on the ferry, going back and forth, soaking in all the stories and the loveliness of the people.




I’m such a lucky girl! This journey didn’t just give me Seattle, it gave me so many new friendships that I know will last my life time. I can’t even describe how that feels. I just wanna put them all in my luggage and take them with me (and Seattle and the islands too).

I’m actually a bit upset at the moment because I had to say a final goodbye to Paul and Justine who are off on a vacation, and I won’t get to see them again before I leave. We all had a great evening at Derek’s wonderful, secluded house in the woods. There was yummy (and healthy!!!) food, new Before Cars songs, the guys and girl just jamming, great stories, good conversation, lots of laughter, tasty beer (one called St Pauli Girl – I’m still cracking up over that) and just this great feeling of comfort and belonging. I also got to meet Paulstine’s beautiful kitty Kazoo who wouldn’t wanna warm up to me, so now I’ll have to go back some time and work on that friendship 😉

So, at this point, thank you, Paul and Justine, for having me over and making me feel so welcome and for just being awesome people and musicians! You’ve enriched my life so many ways. You rock!!!

Today I will go on sightseeing. The weather is overcast but that means nothing. I bet the sun will come put pretty soon. I’m thinking of doing the Seattle underground tour or the Ducktour. I always like to do these bus tours in cities because you learn so much. Yesterday I went to the Aquarium which was interesting and I got to watch the otters for about an hour. They’re super cute! Tonight Greg’s gonna take me out for dinner, so that’s gonna be lovely too. I’m such a lucky girl – this holiday couldn’t get any better!

Seattle Aquarium

Sea otter at the Seattle Aquarium

Seattle waterfront


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  1. jaybo B Taggins says:

    i know the feeling you mean..GOod People Good Music!

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