Morning glory grunge

Thursday 4 April 2013, 12 noon

Alas, the rain is finally here! Just like London on most days, it’s grey and cold. I’m back in my winter coat and I still have to regret that decision. It’s as if the weather is preparing me for my return to the capital of rain showers next week.

I found this cute little cafe in Belltown with free wifi and a yummy loaf of something that’s called Morning Glory Muffin – definitely tastier than the morning glory I’ve known so far 😉 Add some strong ‘cawfee’ and I’m getting well prepared for the day ahead.

Starting of with the Pacific Science Center, which I expect to be a sibling of London’s Science Museum – always fun to visit. Then I’m gonna try to hop on the Ducktours bus, if the weather lets me. After that it’s SAM time – the Seattle Art Museum. I can’t be in town and not get snobby about some artwork 😉

This morning I test-packed my suitcase and it’s definitely getting tight. I hope I’ll get all the stuff back. And I haven’t even looked at Alexys’ and Jen’s care parcel lists. Girls, just warning you, I might not have any space for your wishes :/

Tits and ass
That’s what they say.

… I’m loving this place – it’s called Street Bean Espresso. It’s next to the Pacific Science Center. They took one look at me and put on Nirvana … And now they play nothing else. I might as well just spend the day in here 🙂


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