Of sealions and hookers

Wednesday 3 April 2013, 6.30pm

After stuffing my face again last night (Greg took me to a great Greek place on Capitol Hill), I had to have a proper lie-in today. I don’t even wanna reveal when I got up, let’s just say I just about had time to jump on the Harbour Cruise ship for an hour before it was time to meet up with Tony in the Virginia Inn for an early dinner. People in the know might recognise that as the cafe where Linda and Steve went on their ‘water date’ in ‘Singles’. Tony’s favourite corner happened to be exactly the table, so I was double-chuffed. By chance, Randy went by on his bike and, as so many situations on this trip, things just came together and I had a lovely ‘beer date’ with both guys. I just love hanging out with these people. After yummy salmon and red pepper soup, and with a very heavy heart, I had to say proper goodbye to Tony. Only five days left for me and I’m starting to get a certain dread in my stomach. I really don’t wanna leave! I wish I could just put all these people and the Space Needle (and the islands) in my suitcase and take them with me :/

Harbour Cruise in Seattle

Harbour Cruise in Seattle

Harbour Cruise in Seattle

Harbour Cruise in Seattle

Friends at Virginia Inn in Seattle

Today I was actually meant to go on one of the two bus tours I wanna experience. But I was late for the Ducktours and the ‘alternative’ tour through Seattle is only on at weekends. So I strolled along the waterfront and jumped on the Harbour Cruise ship that gave me a really interesting tour around Seattle’s port. I even got to see some sealions that rested on a big buoy on the West Seattle side. Cute!

The weather is still amazing! I was in a t-shirt and with naked legs most of the day. I might have to look into buying some sun lotion 😉 That new umbrella of mine has not come out of the bag once.

I’m just waiting for Greg to get off work, so we can check out a very inviting cake shop we spotted on Capitol Hill last night. I swear I’ll have to go on a proper diet when I return to London. I’m really trying to watch it but there’s just so many yummy things around!

Bloody hell! I nearly forgot to mention the Seattle underground tour Greg and I went on yesterday. That was super interesting! So, they basically built Seattle on sawdust below sea level at first (doh!), which among other things, pushed the water back into the wooden (!!!) waste pipes at high tide, which then made the toilets explode (doh!!!), so after the big fire in 1888 (no one died, yay!) that destroyed most of Downtown, most companies rebuilt their buildings in stone but the city built the streets one floor level up (doh!), which made for interesting street crossings (they had ladders). Imagine being off your face after a good night out, trying to cross the street! Haha! Well, eventually they also built pavements next to the streets, connecting the first floor of the buildings to the roads. That created many underground tunnels where you can walk around the ground floor of these buildings. Creepy!!!

Sub Seattle Underground Tour

Sub Seattle Underground Tour

Sub Seattle Underground Tour

Also, back then, for the first ten years, 87% of the city’s taxes were raised from the people who made the most money: prostitutes. When the main Madam (I forgot her name) died, she left what’s in today’s money about eight million dollars for Seattle’s school system. Bless her!

So, there’s a lot of funny stuff about Seattle’s history and I love the city even more for that. Okay, I best get on with writing postcards now. My mum won’t be amused if she doesn’t get one.

Seattle makes me wet

Seattle girls kick ass


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