It’s Grunge time!

Friday 5 April 2013, 11am

Today’s a weird day. My newsfeed is full of Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley RIPs and I remember feeling that sentiment last year too, but this year it’s all about celebrating music rather than go all sad about it.

Tonight is the Malfunkshun show that made me add a few days to my holiday. Also, Chad and Dan are gonna join Kevin and Jeff on stage for a one song Fire Ants reunion, so I’m gonna be in fan heaven once again. Before that, Greg and I are off to the EMP again (yep, can’t get enough of that – and I still got a spare ticket that I didn’t get to use last time), so today is Grunge day – in a good way.

Not sure if I get to post again before tomorrow but rest assured it’s gonna be a fitting farewell to Seattle for me. It started with Before Cars and it’s gonna end with the Fire Ants. I couldn’t have wished for anything better!


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