C’mon, Seattle!

Sunday 7 April 2013, 8.30pm

I’m down to my last day in Seattle – well, at least for this trip; there’s no way in hell I won’t come back here again. Sitting on Greg’s bed (my main sleeping place for the last couple of weeks), currently listing to Pearl Jam’s ‘Dissident’, I’m not sure what to think or how to put my current feelings into words. They’re subdued, mainly due to the hangover Greg inflicted on me with a bottle of vodka last night. In a way that’s a good thing. I don’t want to feel upset…

…and then my iPad played Before Cars’ ‘Hey’ and the floodgates opened. Fuck, this is gonna be the come-down from hell! :/

Well, before I let myself completely fall into depression, I better recall the last couple of days. Friday was such a blast! Greg and I spent most of the afternoon in the Nirvana exhibition at the EMP. When I’d gone there with Chad, I didn’t get to sink my teeth into every photo and every quote and every little snippet of film material they have on display. So this time I ordered Greg to take my picture in front of every available Nirvana poster and I read every single caption I got to lay my eyes on. I still didn’t get to finish all of it. It probably takes a couple of days of intense reading and watching to see everything in that exhibition. After a quick visit to the museum’s shop (I guess Nirvana is a bestseller – most stuff was sold out), it was time to meet Dan and Chad at the Bainbridge ferry (the symbol of my Seattle trip) and get ready for the evening. I had such a laugh with them. It took us about an hour to figure out where to eat (them two should start a comedy double act) before we went inside the gig venue and met lovely Wind and the Malfunkshun guys.

EMP Museum

EMP Museum

EMP Museum

EMP Museum

EMP Museum

Kurt Cobain

EMP Museum

EMP Museum

EMP Museum
If you’re ever in Seattle, the EMP is a must!
Jimi Hendrix statue in Seattle
I forgot to post this guy before – might as well put him here

That evening was amazing! Hanging out with all of them was definitely one of the highlights of my trip. But it got even better, when Paul, Andy and John turned up! Such a shame Justine was missing but what a turn-out for my farewell gig! The two support bands were excellent; the first playing what I consider proper Grunge, the second a metal band whose posing had definite comedy value – but they sounded great. When Malfunkshun came on stage, I was in fan heaven again. They rocked my brains out! Until it was time for Chad to join them on drums for a Judas Priest cover – I think my brains are still rocking! And then the absolute highlight of the night: Kevin, Chad, Dan and Jeff reuniting Fire Ants and playing ‘100 Wives’. Fuck, yeah!!!

Fire Ants and Methodists
Fire Ants and Methodists and little moi
Kevin, Chad and Dan
Kevin, Chad and Dan

I’d had a few beers before the gig started, so I was nicely tipsy – headbanging and dancing like crazy with the people around me right in front of the stage. Everybody had such a good time. I got to party with Kevin’s mum who is such a sweet person and so proud of him. And who can blame her – he’s a kick-arse guitar player!


Kevin and the Malfunkshun guys rocking out hard
Fire Ants
Fire Ants spirit
Fire Ants
Dan rocking out
Chad Channing
I call this Fire Ants photo art

Still buzzing from the gig, the ‘Bainbridge lot’ and I jumped back on the ferry (on a side note, the car radio was playing Soundgarden and Alice in Chains at one point – the Grunge gods are certainly good to me!). Thank fuck I was still so hyped up or I probably would have burst into tears when I had to say final goodbyes to Andy and Paul on the other side. The same goes for Chad who had parked his car at Dan’s. I really didn’t want to let him go. He’d made this all possible. Without Before Cars I wouldn’t have met all those lovely people and maybe I wouldn’t even have jumped on that ferry. I’m so glad we’ve become friends. He’s such a funny guy – he’s got me in stitches all the time. And I don’t even wanna start on how talented he is!

Anyway, Dan had invited me to stay at his for the night and after some deserved sleep he showed me Winslow, a beautiful little town on Bainbridge. We had a massive breakfast in the diner where Andy and Chad used to work. Surreal! Then we walked around the waterfront and once again I marvelled at the beauty of the island.

Bainbridge Streamliner Diner


One last Bainbridge shot

At this point a big thank you to Dan! You absolutely rock on so many levels, my friend. It’s mind-blowing to hear all the stories about ‘back then’ and about Nordic gods and everything else that goes on in your interesting life. Your two boys are awesome! You really got it going!!! 🙂 … I’m gonna miss you a lot … and one day I’m gonna steal your cat 😛

Ozzy Ospawn
Dan’s cat Ozzy Ospaw ❤

So, that was it for me and the islanders. At least for this trip. I know I’m gonna be back next year and, with some luck, I might get to see Before Cars in Europe later this year. I’m gonna try my best to get them a gig in London; that’s for sure. Thank you, all, for making my holiday the best trip I’ve ever had!

The night ended in Ballard with Greg's bottle of vodka and some good tunes before I passed out and woke up with this hangover. So today I spent mainly in bed, apart from buying an extra suitcase in the Thriftstore down the road (great invention!) and grabbing some pizza with Greg's friends on Capitol Hill. My bags are as good as packed, the alarm clock is set for 7am. That's it. In just more than a day I will be back in London and all that's happened in the past 18 days will become a distant but very fond memory. This trip could not have been any more amazing!


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