Good-bye, my lover

Monday 8 April 2013, 12 noon (Seattle time)

Yes, there were a couple of tears during take-off. Fortunately, the clouds were hanging low, so I didn’t get to suffer seeing Seattle’s skyline slipping away below me. I’m leaving with a very heavy heart. Seattle was all I’d dreamed of and more. I still can’t quite get my head around it all. That will probably take months to work through. And by then I’m gonna be well on my way to saving up for the next trip (I’m thinking Summer 2014).

For starters, my journey back to London went smoothly so far. I caught the RapidRide from Ballard for the last time, changing to the Light Rail at 3rd and Pike (yep, I’m a local now). Earlier that morning, Greg had woken me up to say goodbye before he went to work. It was a good thing I was so sleepy when we hugged – for once I’ve avoided making people feel awkward by bursting into farewell tears. And anyway, I will be back or I will see many of them in London. Now it’s my turn to be a fabulous host!

So, I managed to get the last stand-by seat on the flight to Detroit. I don’t even have a clue how long the flight is gonna be but it can’t be that long; there are no complimentary snacks! 😉 I haven’t eaten, so I guess I’ll be starving when we touch down.

I hope I’m not gonna get stuck in Detroit. I really just wanna go home now that Seattle is behind me. It was okay to be stuck on the journey towards my holiday, knowing that I’d get there somehow and the fun would start, but going back to work and a definite jetlag is not something I wanna prolong. Well, let’s see. Whatever happens happens.

Wow, my iPad is playing Pearl Jam’s ‘State of Love and Trust’ and, in my head, I can see Linda dancing in that Seattle club before Luiz breaks her heart (that’s a ‘Singles’ reference, by the way). Weird that I now know most of the movie’s locations. I wonder how I’m gonna feel next time I watch that film. Better see it by myself; there’s a chance I might start blabbing 😉

Okay, I’m gonna read ‘The Strangest Tribe’ now (for the umpteenth time) and try to get some rest for the journey ahead. I miss you, Seattle!


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