Am I a girl or am I a muppet?

Tuesday 9 April 2013, 4am (London time)

And finally I’ve made it into BUSINESS CLASS!!! I am not kidding. Champagne, warm nuts, a three course meal and … too much legroom! Honestly, I could barely touch the footrest with my feet. However, you can just make the seat into a comfy bed and that problem is sorted. Currently, I’m watching the Muppets movie while waiting for my pumpkin bisque, Strozzapreti pasta (don’t ask!) and sundae ice cream. I’m wrapped in a warm blankie and leaning against a fluffy pillow – snug as a bug in a rug! Oh, hold on … the bisque is arriving as we speak…

…and it came with a goats cheese salad, bun & butter and a prawn salad. And then a big plate of pasta. Now I’m waiting for dessert. I really wish I hadn’t had that southern fried chicken at the airport. I’m about to burst. But the Muppets are really funny!

‘Look, Kermit, fart shoes!’ – I keep breaking into giggles and I’m also reminded of listening to Chad and Dan discussing our dinner choices on Friday. They sounded just like Waldorf and Statler 😉 … Anyway, I stand out like a sore thumb between those people who actually paid for their first class ticket! But the stewardesses are sweet, ignoring that I don’t know what fork goes with what meal 🙂

Business class from Michigan to London

Business class from Michigan to London

Business class from Michigan to London

Anyway, this is the perfect ending to my fairy tale journey to Seattle! All this posh stuff around me takes my mind of missing that town and all the lovely people I’ve met. At least for now. And it looks like I might just get a bit of sleep before we’re landing, so the jetlag might not get too bad.

I’ll see you on the other side! Night night, Seattle. I love and miss every single bit about you.

PS: I guess that’s the last entry in my travel blog … for this time at least. No question there will be another one next year. To complete the journey, I might just add that I picked up my bag in Heathrow and found it had a massive hole in it. I complained and got a new, shiny suitcase, which is much nicer than the old, battered one I’d dragged to Seattle. Currently I’m in bed with a lovely, little cold I bagged myself on the plane but I’m still in high spirits because I’ve found my next big adventure: Seattle, you haven’t seen the last of me!


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