Second wind

So here I go again on my own…

…ha, but it’s not gonna stay like that for long! This drifter is off to Seattle for the second time (I can’t believe my last trip was nearly a year ago!!!) and will see all those lovely faces again that made her last journey so memorable.

Quickly back to first person. YES! I’m off to the Holy Land in a couple of days, the suitcase is nearly packed, ESTA in check, my spare EMP ticket discovered and expectations high. So what’s planned so far?

Well, for once, I’m actually gonna fly directly to Seattle. No stand-by madness, no full-night stop-overs in New York and, hopefully, no lost luggage. Instead an easy nine-hour flight directly into the jungle. I’m planning on being the first one to check in tomorrow, so I’m gonna get a window seat and have half a heart attack if I get to see the Space Needle from above!

I got all my maps handy but I bet I can make it from the airport to my hostel on Pike Street without even thinking about it. My ORCA card is packed, just needs a few more dollars on it.

And then it’s all sails set: Hopefully I’m gonna get to go straight to West Seattle for welcome drinkies on Thursday night. On Friday, I must go up on the Space Needle again and I found an interesting Nirvana map that I could explore. My brother wants a Seahawks hoodie (and so do I), so a bit of shopping is on the cards. In the evening my first musical highlight: Blood Pump are playing somewhere over on ‘the Islands’ and ya bet yer sweet bum I’m not gonna miss that. It also means I get to see the Before Cars and PAUNDY lot for the first time this year – how many Valentines is a girl allowed?! Feel free to imagine little me in Seattle heaven!

Saturday will bring more fun in town. I’m gonna meet a friend and I might just pop over to the EMP again before I’m back to ‘the Islands’ for the big highlight – the PAUNDY album release party!!! YAY! This is gonna be soooooo much bloody fun – I don’t even wanna think about it yet.

The rest of the time will be spent between Seattle and ‘the Islands’. I do love that ferry so much 🙂 There are food places to be checked out – Two Bells in Belltown and Dick’s are on the list – and there is this alternative music tour that still got my attention.

I only got till Tuesday, so it’s gonna be rampacked with stuff. Chances are I will come back and collapse into a coma but, hey ho, it’s gotta be done.

Only bugger is, I won’t get to see Greg and that’s a real pity :\ You won’t get away with that next time, mate!

So, let the Seattle madness commence. I am so ready!

PS: Reading this back, I really need to go to bed. I seriously started this year’s blogging with fucking Whitesnake and then kinda quoted Guns ‘n’ Roses! Seattle obviously can’t come early enough!


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