Where the smooth things are

London, 13 February 2014, 1pm

My first actual travel entry for this trip. Obviously, not much has happened yet. The bus to Paddington took ages and the woman who sold me my train ticket to Heathrow was a miserable sod (a story not worth the webpage it could be written on) but I’m in a state of über-excited suspense and nothing can sour that for me. Hey, and the sun is shining! Better get some vitamin D as long as I still can 😉

As I already said a few days ago, I don’t expect any major events to happen on this outward journey. I had my fair share of that last March (hello, Empire State Building!), so in an hour I’m gonna be on that shorthaul flight (nine and a half hours – yay!!!) that will take me directly into SeaTac airport. Easy peasy. I think I’m gonna do this more often 🙂

Oh, did I mention my cold? It’s a biggun! Actually, it’s sinusitis now which is immensely pleasant and I’m intending to give it to every Seattleite who dares to come close for a snog. Be warned! German germs will take over!

So, I just sat down at gate A10, mobile is charging, essential photos were taken and uploaded to FB, nose blown several times and I’m actually shaking with excitement. I still can’t take it in yet. Once I’m on that plane, Seattle will be mine!

Still, this is bloody boring! Nothing to write about yet. Well, for now I’m gonna enjoy the nice weather and Before Cars in my ear. It’s beautiful how those tunes conjure up memories of me walking down 1st Avenue last year. I’m gonna do it again … in about … *thinkthinkthink* 13 hours!!! I seriously can’t wait! Let the Seattle sequel begin…


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