Burrito time!!!

Seattle, 14 February 2014, 11.30am

So, today was off to a slow start. Stretching my early daylight walk around Downtown and Pike Place Market a bit further was quickly abandoned due to a light but persistent rain setting in. So I did some shopping instead. My Seattle merchandise heart is soothed for now with more wacky stickers (‘cos you can never have enough of them!) and mugs (‘cos you can never have enough of them either!), and finally, a sturdy new Seattle umbrella that should last longer than to the next festival this time. I stopped at the official Seahawks hoodies. 60 bucks! Sorry, little brother, I love you dearly but you can buy your own 60 dollar hoodie! 😉

And to all my girlfriends who’ve admired my glitter-black eyeliner: I went back to Nordstrom Rack and bought another 15 of them! We’re all covered!!!

Early morning in Seattle

When it got time to meet Tony, however, we managed to turn up in different places, so we didn’t get to have breakie together. Mnah! We’ll make up for that with drinks tomorrow at the PAUNDY gig! But good Tony sent me to El Borracho and I’m currently stuffing my face with a deliciousness that is a coca-cola braised pulled pork burrito! And cinnamon flavoured rice milk! Oh man, that was worth postponing my favourite Pike Place Market curry for! YUMMY!!!

Yummy burrito

The rain’s stopped for now, so I’m playing with the thought of going up the Space Needle next. The clouds are coming back in, though. Hm. Maybe I’ll hop on the bus to Kurt Cobain’s house instead. The hostel tour didn’t fill up, so I’m gonna go there by myself. I figured it gotta be done one day or another. So, yeah, that’s next.

I’ll just have to make sure I’m back on time for that 5.25 Bainbridge ferry, though, because I got all my Valentines waiting on the other side. YAY!!! 🙂


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