Seattle stars are people too

Seattle, 14 February 2014, 5am

First look at the Holy Land

I’ve just given in to the bloody jetlag, dammit! And I’d planned it all out so nicely. Get on that flight in London at 3pm, set the clocks right back to Seattle time (7am) and treat the day accordingly, maybe allowing for a little lunchtime nap, so my body would certainly be tired enough to sleep through the first night. Ha! Did it fuck!!! I’ve had about three and a half hours’ sleep but my bag of bones is convinced it’s 1pm right now and there is no chance in hell I should have another minute of snoozing!

Oh well, better do something worthwhile (like blogging) with these early hours and treat the inevitable looming exhaustion with lots of Seattle coffee later. And I’m in the right place for that! I remember I eventually had to give up the brown stuff last time because it caused my heart to go into stress mode. Serious shit! That stuff is not for beginners (as in one-shot-a-day-morning-latte-lovers)!

Anyway, getting back to the story at hand: What a fucking great start to the trip it has been!!! It went off with a big fat bang that was probably heard on the other side of the globe! Woohoo!!!

After landing yesterday, it only took about half an hour to get through customs (I’d sneakily gained time by running down some stairs like the Flash while everybody else was taking a slow-set escalator) and the Light Rail took me into Seattle within the hour. The hostel is opposite Pike Place Market, so as soon as I stepped out of the train station, I was right in there: Seattle Downtown buzzing with early evening excitement and me hopping down 1st Avenue as predicted, listening to Before Cars and feeling on top of the world.

The hostel (Green Tortoise) is sweet! A bunch of alternative looking (and behaving) people in reception – the punk who checked me in actually gave me a padlock for free because I was wearing a Hüsker Dü t-shirt! Result!! The place is welcoming and friendly – and cheap! For 27 bucks a night you get not only a comfy bed in a 4-people-room (I only share with one other girl, though) but also free breakfast and dinner. Bargain! It’s conveniently located on 1st and Pike (I only repeat these things because they make me feel like I KNOW Seattle), close to public transport, shopping, some sights and, most importantly, the Bainbridge ferry! Get used to that name – it’s still my favourite thing to mention 🙂

Green Tortoise Hostel

Well, last night I skipped dinner (although the smell of the tacos was very tempting) because I had my first date in West Seattle to attend and was determined not to be late. I even figured out how to get there on the bus! Yay!!! Check me out!

So, by 8 o’clock I stepped into some cool diner bar – West Five, check it out! It’s a great place! – to spend the rest of the evening drinking Rainier beer (it had to be done!) with the one and only Matt Lukin of former Mudhoney fame and current infamous Facebook antics. What a great guy!!! I had such a laugh! And, once again, it stroke me how all these Seattle musicians who many people (me included) put on such high pedestals because they made/make the greatest music ever played, are just easy-going, down-to-earth guys who lead normal lives and are great company. Of course they have interesting stories to tell and opinions to voice but, after all, they’re just people. Seattle certainly hasn’t produced many celebrities from its vast amount of musical talent. Yes, they are great bands; yes, they sold some records and made it into some music magazines, but, in the end, they’re just a bunch of people who came together to jam and have some fun. It occurs to me more and more that Seattleites by nature don’t lend themselves as ‘rock star’ material. And that’s what makes that whole scene so appealing to me. Of course, there are exceptions but I’m not talking about them right now.

Matt Lukin

Anyway, Matt and I waffled on till way past midnight. Other people joined in, which is always great. I love that about America. Strangers talk to each other! I really had a good time talking to Van who plays in a women’s rugby team and has a big love for soccer (she supports Arsenal, though – hey ho, we have to forgive her!) 🙂 Then, there was bar man Mike who is really into his punk music – I recall The Damned being mentioned a lot. Meanwhile the jukebox kept playing The Cure and Depeche Mode … well, it was a great start! Let the Seattle awesomeness commence!!!

Today I’d planned to go on this ‘Dead Guys Tour’ organised by the hostel but I’ve just seen it only starts at noon and goes on for five hours. Can’t do! I gotta catch the Bainbridge ferry (there it is again!) at 5.25. Well, they’re also going to Kurt Cobain’s last abode, so if they go there first, I might join them for that. It’s not massively high on my priorities list but I figure I might as well. Bruce Lee and Jimi will have to wait, though.

Green Tortoise Hostel

Soooo … that’s all for now. There might be a chance of meeting Tony (of PAUNDY fame) for breakfast later, which would be lovely! I honestly can’t express how much I’m looking forward to seeing all those guys! And tonight I’m gonna get to see Blood Pump live, too! Yay! I’m such a lucky Seattle bunny!!! I love this city and I feel really cherished back in return. This place is my Valentine!!! 🙂


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