The lonely race of shame

London, 13 February 2013, 2.45pm

Will I ever get on a flight to Seattle without my heartbeat causing turbulences?! Well, who said this would have to run smoothly?! When faced with times of boredom, make your own drama happen. That’s in any case what I seem to be doing.

So, there I sat at gate A10, minding my own business. The screen didn’t state any destination but the gate was busy, lots of American accents, so I felt right at home, clearly surrounded by fellow Seattle travellers. I’d figured I’d drug myself up with Ibuprofen and decongestants at 2pm, and that it’d give them half an hour to kick in before the plane would leave. On the dot, I realised I had no water to wash them down with, so I made my way to Pret’s opposite the gate, always keeping an eye on movement but nothing seemed to happen. Ten minutes later, finally, suspicion took over. I checked the big screen and, whoops, it suddenly said gate A10f! F for ‘fucking hell!’!!! Needless to say, the additional phrase ‘Flight closing’ and the non-events at the gate I’d been waiting at pushed even my moronic brain to a quick conclusion.

Panicking just a little bit, I steam-trained to ‘my’ gate and, yes, it was A10a! Rushing like a spaceship, I ran the felt five miles to the correct gate, where at least ten members of BA staff were greeting me with big smiles and the question: ‘Schulz’? YES, ‘Schulz’ as in biggest pillock under the sun! Fortunately, they were really sweet and shuffed me quickly on the last shuttle bus available for that flight. Bloody hell! That ride took forever! Not only did the bus crawl in snail mode but the plane seemed conveniently parked back in Central London. I must admit, until I actually walked up those flight stairs, I did panic not a little. Phew! But I made it. The board crew appeared in good spirits when I walked my lonely walk of shame. Only the woman who’d stolen my window seat didn’t seem that impressed by my sudden appearance. Oh well, at least now I got my bum securely on the right flight. And the blogging runs a bit more smoothly. I swear I only did that, so I could write about it 😉

Sooo, according to the pilot, we’ve taken a right towards Manchester and will actually fly over south Iceland, which is pretty cool in my books. But it’s cloudy so far and I expect it to stay like that until we touch down.

That’s that. I’ve set my watch on Seattle time (8am!!!)’, so I guess I’ll try to catch up with some sleep for now and check out the in-flight entertainment system *snigger* later.

Seattle, I’m still on to you!


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