Two is the magic number

Somewhere over the Jasper National Park, 3.40pm (Seattle time)

Just a quick check-in. Only about 40 minutes to go and, funnily enough, I feel more anxious than excited. I’m gonna put it down to lack of sleep and too much strong tea. The time passed surprisingly quickly. Two meals, two movies and two hours spent trying to squeeze at least a minute of sleep out of my brain (to no avail) and now I’m nearly there. I can spot some Canadian mountains and masses of snow below. Woohoo, I hope there’s some of that white stuff left in Seattle!

Seattle flight

Seattle flight

I do worry a bit that I might not be able to make my date with a local music legend tonight. My schedule for the next week is packed, so tonight was the only evening left to meet up with Mr Matt Lukin of former Mudhoney fame. For that I’ll have to drag my jetlagged arse over to West Seattle (not that I’m complaining!) so I hope time will allow for that.

I have no idea how long it will take to go through customs. It took two hours in New York! But I’m keeping my hopes up that it might not be that bad. There can’t be that many international planes landing in Seattle and hopefully most people on this plane are actually Americans. Anyway, my calculations tell me that even if I only get out of the airport at 6, I should be on time for my little West Seattle date – though I might have to take a cab.

Oh, the pilot just said it’s 12 degrees in Seattle! No snow then, but warmth is equally acceptable. Maybe the sun is gonna be following me around again. Definitely a bonus. So, for now I’m checking out. I don’t think I will have time to write more until later tonight, but at least by then I will have had some proper experiences to write about.

Seattle lies straight ahead!!! 20 more minutes! Whoop! Whoop!


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