Island pleasures

Bainbridge ferry to Seattle, 14 February 2014, 11.45pm

This part of the trip was always meant to be great. Sitting here now, nearing complete jetlag exhaustion, I’m still buzzing like a bee around the honey pot. I finally got to see all the lovely islanders!!!

…yeah, buzzing, my arse! That’s when I looked up and actually fell asleep gazing at the Seattle skyline. But no worries, I made it off the ferry on time. 🙂

Bainbridge ferry

It’s the next morning now and I’ve had eight hours’ sleep, so I’m feeling like a new mudbunny and today can bring more fun! And will!!! Gonna meet my friend John for lunch and then head over to Bainbridge again, where lovely Dan will be my host for the night and I’m gonna paaaaaarty at the PAUNDY album release. I already had a sneak preview at the album yesterday. Great artwork and, from what I’ve heard so far, great tunes! Goes without saying. 🙂

Woohoo! I had an awesome evening! Starting off with sitting on that ferry and expecting no surprises, when in the corner of my eye, I detected a couple of girls coming up to me. Looking up, it took me a moment to recognise two familiar faces: Justine and Chad!!! The sneaky sods! They’d just picked up the album copies in Seattle and sneaked on the ferry to surprise me! And what a pleasant surprise it was! It’s so great to hang out with those guys. It’s always such a good laugh and their music really turns me on. Can’t wait for tonight!

Chad Channing

Speaking of great music, I got to see Blood Pump play a few songs. Now, these boys are just something else! I implore everyone to listen to their album. It’s instrumental and that really makes you listen to their skills! Watching Jesse and Phil play guitar together and feeding off each other so effortlessly was the highlight of last night. They’re so young but they’ll go places. That kind of talent can’t be for nothing!

Blood Pump

So, we were at the school where Paul teaches music and lots of kids showed off their skills. Apart from Blood Pump, Randy’s son Liam and his mate whose name just slipped my memory really stood out to me. What a couple of characters! It’s such a pleasure watching young kids with so much talent. There’s nothing to fear when it comes to Seattle’s musical future. Phew!

After the performance, Chad, Dan, Justine, Paul and I rounded the evening off with a drink and then I was back on that ferry. It still feels like a dream right now. Something in my brain switches as soon as I get on that boat. Can’t wait to go back!!! Let the great music commence!!!


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