Trip to Mars

Suquamish, 16 February 2014, 10am

I’ve just woken up. Looks like the jetlag is getting better. I actually had full eight hours’ sleep without even waking up once. Good. I needed it. ‘Bout time my body got a bit of a proper rest. I’m still coughing my lungs out.

But quickly back to things that really matter. THE BIG NIGHT!!! As expected, it was blooming awesome! PAUNDY played the local performing arts centre and, needless to say, they rocked it! Together with a large part of the audience, I danced my head off. I absolutely love these people! Everybody is so easy-going and welcoming. I made a bunch a new friends and caught up with many old ones. When they’d caught on that I was the girl who usually waves at them through an iPad at PAUNDY shows, there were many hellos and hugs. Check me out, Marie, a local Bainbridge legend! 🙂

I met a couple who were introduced to me with the words: ‘They’re a band too.’ Turns out they used to be in Raging Slab, who, to my shame, I’d never heard of. Obviously, I’m gonna check them out. They were both so lovely and, as always, it was great to listen to the old stories. This island is full of them.

Raging Slab
Lovely Raging Slab couple … if I could just remember their names!

Now, watching PAUNDY was predictably the highlight of my trip and they did not disappoint. Not only was it great to finally watch them live and shake my bum to their tunes like a loony loon amongst loony loons, but the gig was additionally made special by videos of local film-makers. Big shout-out to Jesse from Blood Pump for the new Before Cars video to ‘Trip on Mars’. I’d seen a couple of unfinished versions when I was here last March, but the end result is phenomenal! I don’t even wanna start to describe it. It’s gonna be out on YouTube soon. But what I can say is it goes perfectly with my personal Seattle song. That tune was the soundtrack to my stay last time. I remember listening to it when I was walking down some road and suddenly the Space Needle popped through a gap in the houses. And Paul reminded me that I’d also listened to it when I’d gone up the Space Needle, so ever since that song brings back my special Seattle feeling and now it’s got the perfect video for it. Mega butterfly moment. Just wait till you’ve seen it!






Tony made a great movie too about his parent’s home where he grew up. He talked along to it, underlined with PAUNDY music. It really touched me and put me in a nostalgic mood about my own childhood home. Awwww. So many wonderful and funny videos last night. I should mention Bryan Odum whose signature movie-making style constantly jumped out from the screen. What can I say, talented people all around!

Afterwards we finished the evening with food and WATER in a cute diner place. I think we were all exhausted … and happy that things had turned out so well. The guys had worked on that album, these videos and that show for ages (YEARS!) but that effort was all worth it. I can’t wait to go home and listen to the album. Hopefully all those videos will show up on the internet, so I can relive last night again and again.

So, I better get up. I’m being a very rude guest, letting Dan wait. Today is gonna be a day of relaxation and catching up. My body really needs a rest. I think a trip to Andy Wood’s grave in Bremerton is on the cards. What can I say?! Coming here was such a great idea! Worth all the hassle and money spent. In the words of Christopher McCandless: ‘Happiness is only real when shared’ and that’s what these guys do best.

PS: Rumours have it Ben Shepherd of Tic-Dolly-Row fame sneaked in and out of the show.

PPS: I should mention that I met my friend John for lunch yesterday and we spent the afternoon defying the pouring rain, walking though the beautiful grounds of U-Dub (let’s see who remembers ‘Singles’!). Oxford’s got nothing on it!

Washington University in Seattle


Washington University in Seattle


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