Somber tunes

Indianola, 17 February 2014, noon

The last day is always a bitter-sweet event. Though I’m still here and amazing things are still happening all the time, my mind’s already saying goodbye to everything I see. And I only just got here! But I had a great time again and I’ll be back soon – that’s a big comfort.

Yesterday, Dan took me to Bremerton to pay my respects to Andy Wood at his grave. Seems like this trip is meant to have a more somber tune to it. We talked a lot. Dan is a spiritual healer – and it turns out that’s just what I needed this time around. I came to an intense self-realisation break-through yesterday but I’m gonna leave that topic to my wash-up blog on the plane. All I can say now is this trip was different to last year’s but nevertheless enjoyable and immensely helpful. I’m a different person now and Seattle has changed with me.

Andy Wood's grave in Bremerton

Andy Wood's grave in Bremerton
Andy Wood’s grave in Bremerton

So, after Bremerton we went on a drive to Fort Flagler where Dan had taken me last time. It was pissing down cats and dogs, and the wind was whipping through the trees, so we hid in an old bunker and gazed at the rainy scenery with the bent trees and the stormy sea in the background. Again, an atmosphere that invited reflecting thoughts. Thoughts that were easily brushed away on our way back, when we got what must be the best pizza on the islands: ‘Meat me on Mars’. Another cosmic Seattle experience. 🙂

Fort Flagler

Fort Flagler

Fort Flagler

I spent the evening at Tony’s. I love this place in the Indianola woods. Gorgeous buildings in a fairy tale forest. Every time I look out of the window, I expect Red Ridinghood to appear between the trees. We chilled, drank good whiskey and beer (in a very adult manner) and watched a stupid film until jetlag took its toll. Now, after 11 hours’ sleep I finally feel like I’ve completely arrived. Stupid thing I have to leave tomorrow.

Indianola woods
Up in the woods

Anyway, I’m gonna walk around in these woods for now and take in the surroundings. It’s so soothing to just look at so much nature. Well, that is if Marceline lets me. I can see her eyeing up my shoulder right now. I might just disappear under a blanket of warm, soft fur instead.

Kittie cat
What ya looking at?!

I love this island. There’s so much emotional soothing around these woods and, most importantly, these people. Seattle just got it all. This time around I really feel like I’ve found my Mecca. Where it was all about fun last March, this time I’m falling in love with this place in a very meaningful way. I’ve found my soulmate 😉


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