Winds of change

London, 17 September 2014, 9pm

Well, I figured I’d started my second Seattle trip quoting Whitesnake, I might as well put some Scorpions into the mix and be done with it. I promise all the Mudhun and Nirvana titles will come once I’m back in the Holy Land.

For now I’m still sitting at home, super hyped up about visiting Seattle for the third time …and things really will change this time! For once I’m not alone! My lovely Fernando is part of the travel pack and I’m looking forward to showing him Seattle and getting him to meet all those lovely Seattleites I know. ❤

Then it’s my 40th on Sunday and that will indeedy be a great reason to celebrate! And, last but not least, this trip won’t just take us to Seattle – we’re gonna go on a looooooong road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco! It’s gonna be epic!!! YAY!!!

Well, our things are packed (somehow I got so much more to take than Nando?!) and we’re ready to go!

Seattle Part 3 – here we come!


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