Early bird rising

A quick one before Nando gets up. It’s 6 in the morning but I figured I stole about seven hours’ sleep and I can’t say I’m feeling too tired. I love this hour over here when the new day starts. Seattle is awaking outside. It’s humming quietly and the sky is promising an imminent sunrise. Can’t wait to get out of the hostel (the old and approved Green Tortoise, as always) and walk down to the awakening Pike Place Market where I’m planning to get a good coffee and catch a glimpse of my beloved Bainbridge ferry. 😉

Last night Seattle went off with a bang! We cleared through immigration in about 20 minutes record time (the officer to Nando: ‘So, you got an Italian passport, a German girlfriend, live in the UK and are originally from Brazil? Do you speak Spanish?’) and went straight to the Columbia City Theatre where we caught a couple of songs by Before Cars before an exciting, if slightly tired, hello and big hugs. Feck, I love these guys!!! We lasted till about 10.30 and then went straight to the hostel and fell asleep.

Before Cars

It was a relatively restful night, only a couple of bouts of waking up, but now we’re wide awake, exited about today! After Pike Place Market, I’ll head over to Two Birds Tattoo where a very talented Annelisa will finish my Seattle tattoo. Depending on how long that takes (and the weather), I’d say we’ll go up the Space Needle before meeting my old friend Greg and finishing the day off with the Ancient Warlocks gig at Seattle Mix!!! I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this! Finally, I’ll get to see them live!!! YAY!

Anyway, I’ll head off now. I don’t think I’ll be able to write during the day now but I expect tomorrow will be another early start, jet lag allowing. 🙂

Seattle, here we come!


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