Of births and expensive beers

On the flight from Reykjavik to Seattle, 2pm Seattle time

Trip to Seattle

I’d never thought about this before, but it should be a truth universally acknowledged that a girl going on holiday should be very careful about her choice of in-flight movies! Man, did I just watch a sad flick! I’d say probably in the top 5 of saddest films I’ve ever seen! The words ‘love at a cancer support group’ in the description should have given me an idea but I do like my somber, heartfelt stories, so I thought I could take it. And could I not! I was blabbing for about 100 of the 126 minutes! Great! Now I’ll arrive in Seattle with red eyes and a swollen nose. Well done, Marie!

And I have so much to be happy about! On our short break at the Reykjavik airport, I’d made good use of the relatively low European data roaming charges and logged into my mobile to a massive surprise! While we’d been in the air, my sister-in-law’s water had broken and just three hours later, just before we boarded the plane to Seattle, my little nephew Noah was born. Talk about German efficiency! Well, I have to let him off for not actually sticking to the official birth date – which was predicted for my birthday – at least I didn’t have to endure the seven hours to Seattle thinking about what was happening back home. I’m so chuffed for my lovely brother and his girlfriend! They are two of the loveliest people in my life and they’ll be the best parents ever! Yay and hello to little Noah!

Trip to Seattle

Anyway, not much else to tell yet. 1,383 miles to Seattle. We’ll have to rush when we arrive and I hope we will get through customs quickly because tonight we’re invited to attend a special Before Cars gig and we only got two and a half hours from when the plane lands to when the session starts. We’ll have to run to the immigration queue!!!

Something else to be noted for this flight is that Icelandair don’t serve free food but instead sell it at extortionate prices! Hey, for a couple of beers at the airport in Reykjavik we paid 11 quid! No kidding!

Anyway, I keep my writing breath for later. Gotta watch a funny movie now and blow my nose. And maybe catch a bit of sleep before the rush.


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