Into the night I roam

Seattle, 20 September 2014, 7am

Clearly, I’m still jetlagged. Obviously.

I think we were in bed around 2 last night, after an evening of listening to EPIC bands and me fighting to stay awake like a mofo at the same time. I can’t remember having been so tired in my life!!! I swear I actually fell asleep standing up more than once. While headbang… err …softly moving. And still, five hours later I’m ready to face the world again? Hm.

Well, Nando is curled up next to me like a kitten. I think he might have enjoyed a few too many of those 7 dollar Troopers. Haha! You can take a man out of the Crobar but you can’t take the Crobar out of a rocker 😉

Anyway, it was AWESOME! Finally, I got to see my favourite new(ish) Seattle band, ANCIENT WARLOCKS! If you’ve never heard of them and you like your pure, loud, unashamed rock ‘n’ roll, I implore you, CHECK THEM OUT!!! They’ll be playing with Tom Morello and Soundgarden next week and, I have it on real authority, they were approached by these musicians to do so, which speaks for itself. Just go and listen to ‘Superwizard’ or, my personal favourite, ‘Into the Night’, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Last but not least, my Seattle mate Greg finished the evening with the acknowledgment: ‘I’d given up hope for anything good coming out of Seattle again, but I LOVE THIS BAND!’ Praise enough out of his picky mouth. 🙂 I loved every single moment!

Ancient Warlocks

Ancient Warlocks

And that was just the end of an otherwise amazing Seattle day! This city loves me – I can feel it wherever I go in this buzzing, dirty, unpretentious place. The vibe here just agrees with me. Sometimes it’s a bit freaky how good it makes me feel to be here.

So, Nando and I started the day off with a nearly three hour walk through Downtown, strolling down 2nd Avenue to Pioneer Square, doing a big round past the Seahawks stadium, Smith Tower and walking all up again, ending up at the Space Needle. A good trip to take in ‘the sights’ in one go.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

St Fernando in Seattle

Seattle mornings

Seattle mornings

Seattle mornings
Dreary Seattle mornings

We had to be in Fremont by 11.30, where I finally got my Seattle tattoo done in this splattering style I love. Annelisa and Two Birds Tattoo were recommended to me by a Montesano friend (thank you, Roger) and it couldn’t have been a better match! I really connected to that girl! And shouldn’t the relationship between tattooer and tattooee be exactly like that?! It made the tattoo just this little bit more special. The tattoo parlour is a brilliant place. Only girls work there and, coming with that territory, it feels so much more gentle and feminine, not like those macho tattoo places with long-haired, bearded biker types (not that I don’t like my long-haired, bearded bikers! 😉 Each and every one of those girls is enormously talented but I love Annelisa’s art the most. Apparently, this style was ‘invented’ by a couple in Munich, which explains why quite a few of my German friends sport it. Not many American artists tattoo in this style, so how lucky was I to find Annelisa?! 🙂

Two Birds Tattoo

Two Birds Tattoo

Fernando was lucky too, spending the couple of hours he had to wait between an English pub and an ice cream parlour/stout brewery that served both in one glass. Stroke of genius, or what?! Bluebird Brewery, we salute you!!!

On our way back we stopped at the Space Needle where, while typing in our names onto a massive interactive wall, a photographer of the Associated Press spotted us and explained he was taking photos for a Google News article about how forward thinking and tech savvy the Space Needle was. When he spotted my Seattle tattoo, he got well excited and it looks like I’m gonna end up in that article. YAY! I’m Seattle’s pos(t)er girl and I love it!!! Did I mention they’ve developed this app where you can watch someone holding a coaster with the Space Needle on in their hand and, looking at it through the app, it looks like they’re holding a 3D model?! It’s pretty neat! I got my hands on nine of these fuckers. 🙂

Space Needle

Space Needle

In the evening we met up with Greg at Aoki Sushi on Capitol Hill, which has to be sampled to be believed. Best sushi ever!!! And the plum wine is not bad either. It was great catching up and Nando and Greg got on really well (not only down to a shared love of Iron Maiden’s Tooper Ale), so we spent the epic aforementioned evening at The Mix in Georgetown, listening to four really good rock bands. I just wish I hadn’t been so tired!

So, yeah, that was our first whole day in Seattle and I dare to say, Nando already gets why I’m loving this place so much. Now I will try to get another hour of sleep before we’re off to the EMP Museum, catching up with lovely Tony at his what I expect to be excellent gallery exhibition and head over to my beloved Bainbridge to celebrate my birthday with some of the best people in se wörld! I can’t wait!!!


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