I’m the birthday girl!

Paul’s & Justine’s house, 21 September 2014, 10am

It’s my birthday! Yay!!! 40 years of excellence, topped of with a Seattle cherry. I don’t wanna go all philosophical about my life but let’s just say I made the right choices and I’m really happy with how things turned out so far.

My head’s not really up for thinking this sunny morning, so I make this a quick one. Nando and I spent yesterday morning at the EMP museum, ogling Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix exhibits as well as props from sci-fi and fantasy movies. That place is just stuffed with really cool things! I’ve been there three times and I always discover something new – this time an album called ‘Kill Rock Stars’. I gotta get my hands on that!!!

EMP Museum

EMP Museum

EMP Museum

Afterwards we had those excellent coca-cola braised pulled pork burritos from El Burracho (on 1st Avenue, just behind Pike Place Market – a must for every Seattle descendant) and then caught up with Tony at the Core Gallery, where he will show his awesome sculptures next month. It’s always lovely to meet up with Tony. He’s such a sunshine!


Half an hour later and we’re gazing at the Seattle skyline from the Bainbridge ferry. Yes, I still love that thing an that won’t ever stop! And the weather was great for it! Blue sky and not a single cloud. Mount Rainier was in full, majestic view. Seeing both the volcano and Seattle next to each other from afar really left us in awe over how big this mountain is! The city looked like Legoland next to it!


On the other side of the Puget Sound, we spent the evening at Andy and Lisa’s house who had organised a little get-together with most of my Kitsap friends. They called it a potluck (that’s when everyone brings something to the party) and the choice of food was amazing! Not to forget, Lisa had made this massive, yummy chocolate and salted caramel birthday cake!!! Nom nom nom, I’d like a piece of that right now!

I love those people and had an awesome night! They make me feel so good! I couldn’t have asked for a better crowd the celebrate my birthday with! ❤

Today we'll chill around the island and catch the ferry back to Seattle later, where I'll top of my celebrations with a beer or two or three with the infamous Matt Lukin of Mudhoney fame. Will be great to see him again! This place is full of amazing people!!!


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