Let’s get exited!

Somewhere between Europe and America, 7 April 2015, 1pm Seattle time

Seattle flight

So, let’s open the blog again. My fourth trip to Seattle and there must be some writing or it just wouldn’t be right! Funny though, I’ve been putting it off until now – I’m actually experiencing some form of writer’s block. Not sure if it’s a lack of excitement or that there’s just nothing to write about yet – my brain is somehow empty.

Lack of excitement?, you wonder. And I wonder too. For some reason I’m not full of the same anticipation as I was on previous trips. Now, that could just be down to exhaustion and the fact that I’m leaving Fernando behind. We just spent the most amazing long weekend in Edinburgh, and all the walking and lack of sleep are taking their toll. But it also just feels weird to travel alone when, last September when I flew to Seattle, he was right next to me and we had the best holiday ever.

But not to worry! I know as soon as I lay eyes on the Space Needle, I will be all excited again. How could I not be?! There are lots of things planned and, when I really think about it, I can’t wait to walk down 2nd Avenue again, listening to Before Cars 🙂 And seeing all those lovely faces! Aww, it’s gonna be great! 🙂

The plane took off two hours late, so we’ll be there around 7 in the evening. This time I’ll be staying with my friend Jay who lives in Columbia City. A nice change from my usual hostel in Downtown. I’m looking forward to exploring that neighbourhood, having been there only once before.

Though, the big event this time is the Malfunkshun gig on Friday. And there will be plenty of time for meeting old friends, making new ones and just spending time with my lovely Seattle. People keep asking me what it is about that city. What can I say; it’s my personal Mekka. I can recharge there. I trust the place. There’s some emotional bond that was there the first time I landed and keeps renewing every time I go back. On every visit I was in a different emotional place – Seattle always mirrored it back to me and helped me embrace the moment or just move on. And after the last crazy couple of months I had, this time I really need to recharge.

So, hello, my sweet old friend Seattle. Open your arms and make me sane again!

PS: Movie highlight of the flight: ‘Pride’ about a gay/lesbian group in the 80s who supported the miners’ strike. Really inspiring!

PPS: I’ve only already gone and visited the Space Needle! Excitement has well and truly arrived!!!


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