Seattle calling (once again)

Seattle, 8 April 2015, 10.30am

I’m truly back! Excitement on track and off to reconnect with my city. But at first I need to have a good breakfast, and Google as well as Jay’s flatmate (who I unexpectedly bumped into this morning and who I first addressed as the cat) both sent me to Geraldine’s Counter on the corner of Rainier and Ferdinand (ha, my American lingo is coming back to me!).

Breakfast of Gods
Breakfast of Gods

I’m not disappointed! They have so many yummy things on the menu (how does pancakes with sour cream and fresh strawberries sound?) but it called for an omelette with chicken sausage, sour cream, asparagus, mushrooms and green beans plus sourdough toast and hash brown – I will need the energy today! Bloody hell, can Americans make hash brown! The food of Gods! What is this devilish delight? Don’t answer that – I actually don’t wanna know! 🙂

So, next I’ll be off to Downtown to hopefully get an American phone card for my mobile. Fingers crossed. I’ll see if I can squeeze in the Space Needle before I meet Jay for – definitely a light – lunch in Fremont. And the evening will be spent with more food and in the company of my old good friend Greg. I can’t wait!

By the way, the weather is absolutely amazing! 17 degrees, cloudy but lots of blue sky and I have already spotted a man in shorts and sandals (a fellow German, no doubt).

Spring in Columbia City
Spring in Columbia City

Oh, and I better mention last night’s trip directly from the airport to the Space Needle, curtesy of my lovely host Jay. That was just awesome. I love that construction so much; it makes me all fuzzy inside!

So, a very promising start to my fourth Seattle adventure. I can’t wait to get out there. As much as I can hear this city calling from when I’m in London; currently it’s screaming for me to come out and play!


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