A Plush surprise

Seattle (Lightrail), 8 April 2015, just before midnight

Well, Seattle just did it again. What a day; and what an amazing evening!!! I’m buzzing with Seattle love buzz!

So, I’d spent the day reconnecting with my favourite places around Downtown and (re)discovering some corners of Fremont. Getting around on the Lightrail and buses has become second nature and I start to feel a bit like a local, knowing my way around town. And that means something! This ain’t London with its well thought-through Tube map. 😉

Columbia City

Seattle skyline

Pioneer Square


Lenin statue in Fremont



After lunch with Jay and strolling around Fremont (so pretty!), I jumped on the bus back towards Downtown and walked up Denny Way towards Broadway under blue, sunny skies to meet up with my old friend Greg for dinner. I can feel my waistline expanding by the minute. But the food is so worth it! And the yummy cider I sampled wasn’t bad either.

Jimi Hendrix statue

Comet Tavern


We spent most of the evening at the Comet Tavern and at Linda’s Tavern – both old Seattle hang-outs for punks and the alternative crowd (the latter with an amazing jukebox!), catching up and philosophising about music. My jetlag kicked in around 10, so we were heading back to Westlake for me to catch the Lightrail, when we walked past the Paramount Theater and the girl who handed out the flyers randomly asked us if we were interested in free tickets to see Stone Temple Pilots.

Errr … there’s only one answer to that question: Hell, yeah!!!

Thing is I had been aware they were playing but couldn’t really persuade anyone to join me for the gig, so I’d decided to spend my money on other things. After all, I’d already seen them a couple of times in London, and Scott Weiland had been replaced a while ago. I’m a bit of a purist with bands and have been known to have a problem with replaced singers (don’t get me started about Alice in Chains!), but I would have given STP the benefit of the doubt.

And now I had no excuse! Free tickets to see a great band?! Sold to the highest Seattle lover!

It was dream-like sitting there (third row on the balcony with no-one in front of us!) and letting it sink in. Seattle had done it again. When I’d felt happy with just being here, it had raised the standards just a little bit more. I mean, what are the chances of this happening at all?! And of course it happens to me in Seattle. So if anyone has any question, why I’m feeling so strongly about this city, well, here’s your answer. Because Seattle makes crazy things happen for me. It’s like I’m its chosen person!

Stone Temple Pilots

Paramount Theater

Anyway, things can only get better from here and they will! I’m in bed now with my new kitten friend demanding attention, so that’s it for tonight. But how amazing was this turn of events? 🙂

Kittie Reese


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