What are the bloody chances?

Seattle, 10 April 2015, 7am

Yep, 7am. Bloody alcohol!!! Stealing precious sleep hours. But hey ho, no rest for the wicked and all that. Besides, the Mai Tais needed to be drunk last night. They were delicious!

But let’s start from the morning. I had an amazing day! The weather was heavily celebrating global warming and I actually got a sunburn in my face from walking down the Lake Washington shoreline for four hours in the blazing sun. I can highly recommend it! Not the sunburn; the walk! It’s indescribably beautiful there (hence so many big houses with ‘private property’ signs warning you to stay away from the amazing view). But there are long, long stretches of just a little pathway leading along the shore and the view of East Seattle, the floating bridges and the surrounding mountains is breath-taking! One day I’ll have to go hiking in those mountains!!!

I’m full of explanation marks this morning! 🙂

Anyway, the morning had actually started with one of those ‘what are the chances’ moments at the Columbia City Bakery (go and get the pistachio swirl, if you ever get there!). Here I was, minding my own business, getting surprised looks from the locals when I ordered in my thick accent, when I heard my name being called from behind me. And, heaven behold, my friend Randy from Kitsap was in the queue, looking radiant, if I might add. 😉 I mean, really, what are the bloody chances of this?! I know maybe 30 people in this city and here I am bumping into one in some local bakery we both barely ever visit. Crazy, chaps!!!

Well, we had a good chat and I was off on my walk. First through the Genesee Meadows, which already made me ponder over Seattle’s hidden natural beauty. But when I reached the Lake Washington shore, I had to stop every few meters to take in these lovely surroundings. Who would have thought a big American city could display so much beauty in its centre?

Lake Washington

Lake Washington

So, I kept on walking north, occasionally stopping to talk to people on the way. The first was an older lady who’d moved to Seattle from Stockholm 46 years ago. Lovely girl! Then I bumped into two guys who were full of Seattle history stories. Well, one was. He looked and spoke like Samuel Jackson, which amused me to no avail. His old childhood friend had come over from Florida for the first time and he was showing him around, telling stories about Denny having been a pimp and how fantastic Seattle’s music culture was. Right up my street!

Lake Washington

After a short stop at a Starbucks (I swear I try to avoid them but it was the only cafe on the way), I suddenly found myself in the proximity of Kurt Cobain’s old house on Lake Washington Blvd. I hadn’t planned this at all and didn’t really fancy going past it again. It was too much of a lovely day to ponder over sad things. But, Seattle wouldn’t have it. While I hadn’t been sure exactly where the house was (I kinda remembered it was a couple of blocks further up), I just kept on walking up the street and (with Pearl Jam’s ‘Immortality’ in my ear – again, what are the chances?), I turned a corner and there it was. Nothing much had changed since I’d been there last year but I met a guy from Texas who’d come to pay his respects. We had a good chat and off I was, catching the bus downtown where I stopped for a coffee and jumped on the Rapid Ride to West Seattle.

Kurt Cobain's house

Kurt Cobain's house

Now, here’s a neighbourhood I’d like to explore a bit further. Definitely on my list for next time. For now I was here to catch up with my friend Matt (who’s got all the fun Seattle music scene stories) and have a couple of dangerously potent Tai Mais. We keep on meeting in the same place and I know the bar staff by now, which is fun. Jay and Bri joined us later and we had a real good evening.

Matt Lukin

So, that’s that. Today is the big day of the Malfunkshun gig and I’m sure I’ll bump into lots of people. My friend Stephen has arrived, many of my Kitsap friends will be there and I’ll be jumping on my beloved Bainbridge ferry. Always a highlight of my Seattle trips. So, I better get ready for another fun day!!!!

Explanation mark!


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