Girl of too few words

Seattle, 11 April 2015, 8am

Another early start for me today. I’m off to the Five Point Cafe for breakfast with most important people 😉 More about that tomorrow, I guess.

Just a quickie before I gotta catch the bus into town. Last night was most epic!!! Actually, the whole day was! First, breakie with Stephen Tow, renowned author of ‘The Strangest Tribe’, and Mr Bruce Pavitt, reigning King of Sub Pop and music connoisseur extraordinaire. Lovely chap! He’s got some cool music thing going that is currently top secret but chances are he’s about to change the music world once again. Stay tuned!

Bruce Pavitt

Later Stephen and I headed for the Bainbridge ferry where three quarters of Before Cars picked us up on the other side. I always looooooove seeing those guys! No Seattle trip should be happening without meeting my Kitsap friends. We had a lovely dinner and were off to the Point Casino where Mos Generator and Malfunkshun were about to play.

Off to Bainbridge

What a weird venue that casino was! On one hand you got a thousand slot machines, blinking and flashing your brain into a pulp and on the other there’s a concert venue with a beach make-over. Sand included.

Nevertheless the gigs were AMAZING!!! Mos Generator’s drummer had just quit, so Tony and Sean pulled off an excellent acoustic set. I mean, those guys are big rockers! Hearing them play ‘unplugged’ was such a treat!!!

Then Malfunkshun! What can I say? Apart from seeing Wind and Kevin again – our lovely friends who were part of Fernando and my amazing California holiday last year – the band played the best gig I’d ever seen them play. I have no time to go into it now but, wow, what a concert! In the end, Chad and Rob joined in, which was a special treat for all. Ah, I love these guys!!!

The lovelies

Chad Channing

Kevin Wood
Lots of Seattle legends

Many new and old faces were rocking out, so I was right in my element. I can’t describe how much I enjoy hanging out with those people!!!!

So, I gotta run and I’m painfully aware that this blog doesn’t do yesterday justice. But there are more things to experience, and for that I need to get out of the house 🙂


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