Seattle times five

London, 3 October 2016, 9pm

Finally! My fifth trip to my Holy Land is upon me and my blog is open for business. Tomorrow I’ll be taking a direct flight to Seattle (leaving London at 3pm, landing at 5pm, kicking jetlag’s bum!) and spending just over a week recharging, working (!) and meeting up with my lovely Seattleites and flown-in friends!

I’ll be staying in Columbia City with my lovvie Brianna, so I’m gonna be well looked after. I hope to catch up with everyone I know and a few new friends. Seattle started off being about good music but over time it’s become more and more about all these great people who live there. I miss them so badly when I’m in London.

So, apart from all the catching-up, it looks like it’s gonna be action-packed: I’m planning on being a proper tourist, checking out the big parks (Arboretum, Volunteer, Discovery) and Smith Tower – if the weather allows. Then I’m off on the Seattle Ghost tour and mostly likely give the EMP another go – just because. A ride on the South Lake Union Trolley is a must this time plus, with some luck, I’ll be off hiking Mount Pilchuck. Fingers crossed for that!!!

Renowned music writer and fellow Seattle nerd friend Stephen Tow will join me for a few days and, as before, he’s lined up some special treats with Seattle royalty. He’s the best!!! I will report on what happens when it happens.

Last but not least, my lovely islanders are planning a party and I plan on partying hard with them. I can’t wait to see them again. It’s been too long!

Apart from all the fun things, though, I’ll have to do some design work on my laptop every day. That’s gonna be interesting. Will I have the discipline? We’ll see. But with all the great coffee shops with wifi around Seattle, the city will do its best to help me on my way. It does those things.

Alright, that’s it. All packed and ready to go on my fifth Seattle adventure. I bet my arse it’s gonna be AWESOME!!! ❤


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