Slow motion beginnings

Seattle, 5 October 2016, 8am

Wooohoo! I’m here! Rested and up and running. 🙂

Ah! Who am I fooling? I’m still in bed and I can barely open my eyes. But despite the sleeping pill I took last night, my brain won’t shut up, so I decided to give it something to do and write my first official Seattle times five travel blog.

Of course there isn’t much to tell yet. The flight was a little bit delayed and didn’t quite go as planned when it comes to gazing at the Space Needle from above. Turns out, because I’d gotten my hands on a cheap ticket from a charter company, I couldn’t check in online and just about managed to get the last seat available on a completely packed flight. I won’t complain. Still worth saving 200 quid on. After all it was a British Airways flight, so I spent ten hours wedged in the middle seat of the centre aisle between two massive guys, watching five movies, one episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ and devoured everything the lovely flight attendant put in front of me. Time flew by quickly (pun kinda intended) but I got no rest at all, landing in Seattle already feeling shattered. I managed to slip through customs within 10 minutes record time – honestly, the Seattle border control are super efficient – and after lingering around the baggage reclaim area for double that time, I finally got to see Briana’s cute face outside the terminal. Aww! What a lovely welcome!

Seattle flight

Seattle flight

Seattle flight
Bit squeezy but it could be much worse

We went straight ‘home’ to Bri’s sweet little house in Columbia City to chill out for a bit, and finished the evening at the Columbia City Ale House with a yummy Oktoberfest-themed dinner and lots of chatting with Bri and her lovely friend Sarah who also happens to be a dear friend of my lovely islanders (small world!!!). If you’re ever in Columbia City, give the Ale House a go. It has great beers and food plus lots of photos of British pubs on the wall. It’s a bit like being back in England. Haha!

Columbia City Ale House
Get in ma belly!

Anyway, I didn’t last long; I think I was in bed by 10.30pm and deep asleep about 10 minutes later. So, yep, nothing much has happened yet and I’m actually feeling a bit underwhelmed. It’s a peculiar feeling because travelling to Seattle usually puts me in a constant state of burning euphoria. But at the moment I seem to be much more collected and it will be interesting to see what kind of emotional journey I will be going on this time around. After all Seattle is my special spiritual place and it always gives me what I need, even when I don’t know what that is.

On that note, I’ll see if I can steal a couple more hours’ sleep out of my body before I set off to say a proper hello to my lovely Seattle out there.  ❤


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