Ghost town

Seattle, 6 October 2016, 10pm

Another amazing day! Of course. It’s Seattle. There aren’t any other kind of days anyway 🙂 I’m actually quite spent at the moment, so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

As I said before, this trip is not just a holiday. I have to make sure I spend some time designing – as a freelancer I can’t really afford to take too much time off. But Seattle is the perfect place for inspiration and my morning passed quickly spending quality time with Creative Suite.

By the early afternoon I was strolling through Downtown, though, searching out my favourite Seattle merchandise shops on 1st Avenue and spending some little money on a new messenger bag and a wacky new Space Needle pendant for my ‘old’ Seattle necklace. It had to be done. I hope I can go back and get that cool mug I spotted too. I said it before, you just can’t have enough Seattle mugs in your cupboard!

Seattle merchandise
Why doesn’t that come in my size?

Anyway, when I was done looking at all the cooky merchandise I could spend my hard-earned munnies on, I took a stroll to 3rd and Pine, and finally met up with my new(ish) Facebook friend Steve. Great stuff! This trip shapes up to be all about connecting with people and I couldn’t be in a better place. Seattle is crawling with great peeps and Steve is no exception.

First we caught the bus to Kerry Park which has probably the best view over Seattle – think postcard picture. Although it was pretty windy, the rain hadn’t set in and we had a little picnic on one of the park benches, gazing over the city and chatting away about music, Seattle and mutual friends. When the drizzle finally started, our way led us to the Seattle Art Museum in Downtown, which happens to be free on Thursday afternoons. It has a fairly diverse selection of all kind of art (from Native American over modern to Japanese and Australian) and we kept laughing at the different types of pot-smoking pipes that were part of nearly every collection.

Kerry Park

Kerry Park
Best view over Seattle

Seattle Art Museum

Seattle Art Museum

Seattle Art Museum

Eventually it came up to 6pm, so we took a short stroll down to Pioneer Square, where I was set on going on the Spooked in Seattle tour. But not before we had a drink in the Central Saloon, an old gig venue that has seen its fair share of Seattle bands in its day. While we were sitting there, nearly every big ‘grunge’ band was played on the jukebox which made me pretty happy while I was washing them down with my pineapple cider.

Central Saloon
Pineapple cider yumminess

Finally it was goodbye for Steve and me (though hopefully not yet until next time), and off I was down to the underground pavements of old Seattle, chasing ghost children, poltergeists and other paranormal activities. Turns out the city has plenty of these stories and they’re mostly connected to these dark and dirty underground pathways that stretch underneath the Pioneer Square area. The tour guide mixed lots of Seattle history into his presentation and refreshed my memory about how the town was built on marshland and had had a bad flooding problem (think exploding toilets!) until they raised the street level to what was actually the first floor of the houses in the area. The result of this construction were these dingy tunnels, the perfect location for ghost stories and freak-outs.

Spooked in Seattle tour

Spooked in Seattle tour
The most haunted building in Seattle

Spooked in Seattle tour

Spooked in Seattle tour
Down in the basement

Spooked in Seattle tour

Spooked in Seattle tour
In the Museum of Death

I’m not gonna give too much away, only that I think the tour is well worth the 17 dollars. Not only was it informative and funny, but once you’re down in the basement and listen to the ghost stories and recordings, you get creeped out, no matter if you believe in that stuff or not. To make it even more spooky, you pass the what the tour guide called ‘Museum of Death’, which is basically a basement room with a collection of absurd and creepy artefacts like skeletons in original Victorian funeral attire, several what looked like original old coffins with plenty of dirty lace and a selection of Victorian post-mortem photography. Well, my inner scaredy cat was satisfied and I highly recommend this tour, especially around Halloween.

So, that was it for today. I’m gonna go to bed soon to make sure I’m all set for tomorrow when I finally get to meet up with Stephen and attend a little party on ‘the islands’ in the evening. I gotta be well rested for that. 🙂


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