Seattle interlude

Seattle, 10 October 2016, 1am

It’s been a few days since I last blogged and that’s mainly down to not getting enough time to sit down and put my thoughts in order. I’ve been busy catching up with old friends and making new ones. Looks like that’s what this year’s trip is all about: connecting with people. I don’t get to see that much of Seattle, to be honest – I haven’t even been to the Space Needle yet! But that’s fine. I know it’s there if I want to see it. I can feel its energy pulsating through me but Seattle knows I gotta hang out with its people.

I started Friday meeting my old buddies Stephen (who’d just flown in), Leighton and Five for a vegan breakfast as the Wayward Vegan Cafe. For something that didn’t involve any animal pieces, the meal was actually quite tasty – but then, any breakfast that contains proper American hashbrown gets my vote.

Wayward Vegan Cafe
Good stuff without animals
Seattle pot
By the way, how’s this for a welcome prezzie? 🙂

We had a good long chat with these guys before Stephen and I hopped on the Kingston ferry and made our way over to Derek’s for the big party. And it was everything a great bash is meant to be. We had an amazing time, especially when the PAUNDY guys, Derek and Jim (of Cat from Dog Mountain fame) started jamming. Woohooo!!! I stayed over and was lucky to hitch a ride on the Bainbridge ferry back to Seattle with a new dear friend. My lovely Bainbridge ferry – I’m so glad I got to be on it again.

Kingston ferry

Kingston ferry
On the way to Kingston
Music jam
Derek, Paul and Andy jamming. Great stuff!

The weather had turned into a complete downpour but that didn’t stop me from going out again and catching up with my old buddy Matt in West Seattle. That man is always good for a good laugh and I had a great time but I was completely spent when I finally got back to Bri’s.

Matt Lukin
Seattle legend Matt and his pointy pen (and little moi)

A good rest was needed, so I had a long lie-in this morning and spent the afternoon catching up with dear friends in an Irish pub and my old favourite El Borracho. Honestly, if you like Mexican food and you come to Seattle, you have to give their coca-cola braised pork burrito a try. It’s heaven in a roll!

The highlight of the evening was the John Lennon birthday bash at the Parliament Tavern in West Seattle. What a gig! I danced my head off, screaming Beatles and Lennon songs from 8 till 11. Members of original Seattle bands 64 Spiders, Green Pyjamas and Cat Butt hooked up with other great musicians for this excellent tribute to Lennon and the Beatles. It was definitely a highlight a this year’s trip. I’m still buzzing!

But now it’s time for bed because I have a big day tomorrow. I’m off to Mount Pilchuck with the another Seattle legend, Chris Hanzsek (think Deep Six). I hear the weather will be fabulous! Wooohoo! So, bedtime now. Night night.


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