My Seattle docking station

Seattle, 11 October 2016, 11pm

Today was my last full day of this trip and I woke up to blazing sunshine. Of course this could mean only one thing: Space Needle time!

Thanks to a hot bath and plenty of sleep, I wasn’t even feeling too groggy after yesterday’s hike, so after a lovely breakfast with Bri at Geraldine’s (oh, that hashbrown!), I was off to see my lover, or what I have come to think of as my personal docking station.

Oh, how I love this iconic Seattle landmark! It’s as kooky and out of this world as its city. Seattleites of course look at it the same way Londoners look at Big Ben, but it can’t be ignored that the Needle is far more superior in its appearance and views than any London building, well, in my humble opinion ANY building on earth!

A quick ride on the Lightrail to Westlake took me straight to the Monorail – another Seattle tourist attraction – and four and a half bucks plus three minutes later the Space Needle towered right in front of me.

Space Needle from the Monorail
Space Needle peekaboo from the Monorail

And up it I went, as much as ever in awe of how beautiful this town looks from above and in the sun. Mount Rainier ruled the horizon, a giant amongst the massive Cascade mountain stretch around Seattle. The ferries came in and went out, crossing the Puget Sound and tempting me on another trip to Bainbridge Island. But, alas, that will have to wait till next time, unless the weather holds up until tomorrow morning.

Space Needle

Space Needle

Space Needle

Space Needle
No surprise: the Space Needle serves Starbucks
Space Needle
Space Needle sunset

After taking in the breathtaking views while walking around the observation platform several times, I sat down with a coffee (Starbucks, of course) and waited for the restaurant platform to spin around slowly. Turns out I was in the wrong restaurant, so Mount Rainier and Seattle’s skyscrapers kept lingering in front of me – not a view I’m gonna complain about.

Eventually, with a heavy heart and countless new Space Needle photos on the iPhone, I travelled back to Downtown for a bout of tourist shopping (but not before giving the Space Needle shop a thorough whirl). I walked into Nordstrom where they played Kylie Minogue and some other kind of rubbish, so I turned around and paid a visit to Target where they played The Cure. I knew instantly where to spend my money.

Afterwards it was time for a bite to eat and I discovered Mae Phim, a Thai restaurant on Pike between 2nd and 3rd Avenue with a good selection of yummy and reasonably priced Thai dishes (obviously). The chicken pad Thai and iced tea were delicious! By the way, they don’t have wifi but you can easily steal it from the Mexican place two doors down.

And so my last full day in Seattle came to a close. I’m ready to go back. Seattle has once again given me exactly what I needed and I’m feeling recharged for the next 12 months or so. Stay tuned for chapter six.


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